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Expose fangci tableware cover-up

Expose fangci tableware cover-up

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Fangci tableware into public view resulted from "melamine" event, in "melamine" events are fully disclosed in the process, dong noticed the earliest dao used in material is originally life the fangci (melamine cutlery's main ingredient. So the tableware of natural led to doubts about the safety. Since November 13, 2008 began, international food packaging association conducted to fangci tableware continuing investigation and analysis. For clues in the survey, CCTV news 30 points "in December 2008, 26, was inferior fangci tableware exposure. After that for most years, the public have been concerned about the situation of progress.

A, the initial investigation and inspection, found safe hidden trouble

In order to understand Beijing market sales fangci (melamine) tableware, international food packaging quality association of KaiFa entrusted Beijing environmental technology consultation center composition investigation in November 13, 2008 in Beijing five wholesale market random bought the sales of fangci (melamine) tableware, but on tableware, did not find in production license logo and Numbers, and the seller cannot provide production factory production license. In order to understand the product quality, the investigation on November 14, 5 kinds of samples sent to the national environmental protection product quality supervision and inspection center according to "food wrapping melamine molding product health standards on organoleptic, GB9690-88 evaporation residue (water), potassium permanganate consumption (water), formaldehyde, heavy metal and decoloring test detection. Test results show that the five kinds of censorship in the sample, eligible sample 3 kinds, 2 kinds of unqualified samples for the non-conformance potassium permanganate consumption (water) and formaldehyde exceeds bid.

Because fangci (melamine) tableware amine tree by compression molding and become heated cosmetics, and amine colophony is the melamine and formaldehyde, if polymerized materials resin polymerization is bad, will remain melamine in high-temperature heating to 120 ℃, about to human body can precipitating cause safety hazard. The survey's samples, detection formaldehyde exceeds its happen, then the polymerization, get amine colophony, again for processing into fangci (melamine) tableware whether melamine exhalation?

In addition, has made production license company product quality? Mall, supermarket sales fangci (melamine) tableware quality situation and how?

On the basis of the national quality supervision, inspection and quarantine "issued by the food-use plastic packaging, containers, tools etc products production license review detailed rules" requirement, melamine tableware detection standard basis for the melamine plastic cutlery "QB1999-94, this standard in addition to the provisions of the GB9690 health performance execution of melamine outside, return the physical and mechanical properties of tableware made provision. So, according to the standard testing, tile-like (melamine) tableware, how will the quality situation?

Second, expanding purchase samples and examination scope, find new problems

With the above problems, panel will investigate the first five range from the wholesale market stalls, 5 to 8 wholesale market 10 booth, and add 5 chain supermarkets, a total of 15 samples obtained. By 2010, November 25th, again to the national environmental protection product sample to the quality supervision and inspection center on the basis of the melamine molding product health standard ", the GB9690-88 amine plastic cutlery "QB1999-94 and eu standards DDCEN/TS13130-27-2005" and food contact materials and goods. Restricted plastic material things. Food 2,4,6 - three simulation 1,3,5 - three amino - the determination of work of health properties, physical and mechanical performance and migration of testing, main project detection for potassium permanganate consumption (water), formaldehyde, resistant to damp and hot sex and melamine traffics.

Three, simulation experiment, fast identification

Survey found a strange problem, according to the national standard for public performance testing was convicted of the same specifications for qualified porcelain-like (melamine) tableware, the high price to 10 yuan, the price low only 3 yuan, why would have such disparate price difference, is it just merchants competition means?

With this problem, investigation reference "amine plastic cutlery" in QB1999-94 adhesive resistance test requests, use daily life common electromagnetism, take cover stainless steel pans, and appliances and daily drinking pure water, and simulation experiment conditions for all samples, adhesive resistance testing. According to the trial process, the sample in boiling water (keep boiling water for about 30 minutes state) leaching out, in room temperature after placing thirty minutes later in boiling water (keep boiling water. Cook, the state) leaching process repeated four times. In the process of cooking, find some samples have crack, deformation and white phenomenon, and release the pungent, fume eyes smell.

Melamine formaldehyde resin, the products made in boiling water stable, and even in the composition of 150 ℃ temperatures, therefore, in boiling water use in cooking won't happen any change.

According to the different phenomena in boiling water, can will be real fangci (melamine) tableware and inferior fangci (melamine) tableware separate.

The process of cooked in found in some samples crack, deformation and white phenomenon, and a pungent, the smell of smoke released eyes. Through and national quality supervision, inspection and quarantine directly under the testing data of the inspection center, found that some samples comparison in laboratory testing is qualified products, but in daily use process but there was white deformation, and placed two hours after the blister, cracking phenomena appeared, such as Beijing carrefour business Co., LTD. Sales of household products by taizhou hill limited production of green melamine bowls, in national quality supervision, inspection and quarantine directly under the inspection center detection is qualified, but in the simulation tests found in boiling water for the first time there are obvious hair white phenomenon, and time to grow more, the white area, and release the smell of pungent, choke eye. However, Beijing lotus supermarket chain Co., LTD. Sales of huizhou five and reality

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