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The development of environmental protection packing

The early human, the high speed development of economy is not scruple plunder natural resources as the means. Humans also therefore gets his comeuppance, the deterioration of the environment, natural disasters and climate anomalies, these a direct threat to the survival of mankind. The packaging of the goods are some people called the "trash", it is because it caused a lot of pollution environment of garbage, people's suffering consciousness prompted "environmental protection" packing and packaging alternative materials research and development, recycling of waste packaging developed and formed a new industry.
"Environmental protection" packaging is for boundaries can recycle, now has a recycling marks packing in European and American countries account for most part already on the market. Recycling metaphor, deep mark up surrounded by three arrows tashan were composed. The first arrow representative, the second arrow recycling waste packaging representing recycling; The third arrows represent consumer participation, three arrows constitute the eternal perennial cycle.
In 1972, the UN declaration of human environment, published the world opened the curtain of the "green revolution". For BaoZhuangJie speaking, "green packaging" is the 20th century's largest, most shocking "packaging revolution" in 01975, Germany the first to launch a "green" spots (namely the product packaging green recovery) logo "green packaging" o green logo is by green arrows and door color arrow, double lubricious composed of circular design product or packaging is arrows denote green can recycle use, accord with ecological balance, and environmental protection. In the next several years, "green packaging" rapidly in the countries all over the world development, regional and national standards has come out. In June 1992 United Nations publication "environmental declaration aroused the attention of world leaders. In view of "green wave" of surges in June 1993, the international organization for standardization (ISO formally founded the "environmental protection committee", stipulating green standards, after three years of effort, the first environmental standards IS01400l in 1996 in the global on jan promulgation.
Packing the effects on the environment, and there are many aspects of people's life are mainly is closely related to the environment like plastic material itself, the harm caused by excessive packaging people brings trouble, etc. Now China's plastic products production, is the industry production of more than 2,500 tons each year. Plastic materials is difficult, natural degradation, recovery, high cost and low reusing and destroy the ecological environment. Called as "white garbage" bags (PE) and disposable foaming snack box (polystyrene) etc packing all became environment killer. These materials once abandoned in the natural environment, not only hard to degrade, and will cause damage to the soil. Recently (1999) country in March announced the first batch of the ministry backward production techniques and product catalogue, plastic boxes, limit the end of 2000 second all eliminated. As a substitute to reed sticks, bagasse, wheat straw for materials such as the paper pulp molding product arises at the historic moment. This kind of material can be recycled, natural degradation are just a few weeks, and in the strength, heat resistance, resistance oil, waterproof, disinfection, tasteless index reached completely even more than the relevant standards. National these guidelines, policies and regulations concerning our packaging design personnel have realistic significance.
Modern circulation of commodities and transportation network, can make goods was safely transported to any place in the world. The globalization of trade the importance of packaging industry also increased, utmost ground pursuit of efficiency, minimum limit waste production is packaging industry will take important responsibilities. History for commercial purposes, many traders by unfair means do exaggerated packaging or false packing to cheat consumer, now, most countries have restricted the laws and regulations of the excessive packing. As early as in 1910 as the United States is issued the card advertising law of Atlantis, advertising began to strict censorship to stop illegal, exaggerated advertisement publicity. There are many state laws on packaging appearance and the ratio between the product appearance size made clear-cut rules, if packing beyond this proportion will be levied stiff fine too, in order to limit packaging phenomenon. Our country so far, there is no relevant laws and regulations, on the market still occasionally appear false, excessive packaging. Excessive packaging waste from the production of actually and unstable packaging due to the abandoned produced goods damaged goods are no essential difference. Recently (in the first half of 2001), from the survey, just look at the statistics of Beijing daily formule 15,000 tons of garbage, every person produce 1 kg of rubbish. In these junk, 40% from various packaging, in this and 80 percent of them are due to excessive packaging and produce rubbish.
Packaging industry and environment of the interest relationship between packaging industry is obvious, and in order to make the goods are sent to every family safe, use all sorts of stuff, but these materials are mostly can't throw away. Problem is how to reduce packing material used and how to make packaging material recycle, this also promoted the packaging materials, manufacturing technology, the development of new packaging mode, if there is strength but more portable cartons development high strength, low consumption of paper material development also strive for progress. Packaging industry are constantly toward cut consumption of resource direction diligently.
In the new product development process, stylist also play an important role in the design phase, must be considered to the packing life, should first focus on protecting commodity this premise, and at a minimum to use material. Designers should consider how to save consumables and effective use of packaging space, do not pay too much packaging unnecessary "air", in order to achieve the best packing efficiency.
Designers should also consider their own "design works" recovery and recycling problem. Generally speaking, recycled packaging are as a result of the high quality material and can be repeated use, such as dairy products packaging, drink, beer bottles, etc. However, due to the limit of material itself paper, fiber strength materials in use can destroyed, only as a raw material recycle, and pack recovery, some materials affect recycled effects, especially plastic products. Therefore, the strict resources classification treatment is also important in recovery, plastic processing again when the cost of higher, and is burning handling also produces harmful gases. Therefore, as a packaging designers will

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