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Global "wanted" plastic bags

Plastic bags in the world has been overrun, this famous white pollution damage, and is increasingly violations to human survival environment. Green peace organization responsible for garbage problem Asian coordinator von Elmer, said: "she is all plastic bags in the soil, because they cannot were degraded. They also blocked drains, which may lead to flooding and the spread of disease. I've heard of Marine biological because plastic bags of, for example, killed about some turtles because swallowed into plastic bags and suffocation. Plastic bags can also spread air pollution, because many plastic bag and other waste incineration of together..." Environmentalists say the two bags may burn treatment in the air, the spread of deadly Vietnam war used by ChengJi is made of this material.
India plank, named manu high of green peace organization officials said: "it was awful. Plastic bags everywhere. Sometimes we'll encounter flash floods, because the national sewage system was plastic bags blocked, holy cow's stomach also filled with plastic bags."
Have 22 million population with each year to Taiwan bags, equivalent to drop 200 more than 900 per person. Taiwan "epd" ChenYongRen said: "we Taiwan has a nickname: plastic kingdom. You can in a supermarket to 10 bags, they would be free to you. Because, compared with the prices of plastic bags of food" trivial.
The momentum is against plastic bags movement gradually strengthened. Surprisingly, the first banned the use of plastic bags of poor contained two Asian countries: Bhutan and Bangladesh. Taiwan also in January 2003, but Taiwan bags there is a huge hole ban plastic bags allows takeaway meals.
Bhutan from 1999 banned the use of plastic bags. Prior to that, the relevant aspects took three years to discuss this problem. According to Bhutan, deputy environment minister as LinQin estimates, due to a lack of education and enforcement is lax, Bhutan bags usage reduced 50% only. At present, the businessman who give customer plastic bags will probably be may revoke its business license, but this punishment almost never follow through.
Bangladesh from March 2002 banned the use of plastic bags. In the implementation of the ban before, dhaka, the capital will consume the 950 million 10 million plastic bags every day. After the ban was established, the national 315 for domestic use plastic manufacturing factories closed, the dosage of all plastic bags by 90%. In Bangladesh, law import or sell the person be guilty of plastic top 10 years who were tortured, throw-away plastic bags were executed 6 months in prison. Some businessmen have been fined, most being fined $2000. But so far no one for this jail.
In South Korea shopping, whether you buy in the shopping mall, how expensive things shopping bag gift department won't, if the guest no self-provided bag, will spend 100 yuan (approximately 0.8 yuan) buy paper or plastic bags. Of course the store will retrieve the bag, customer price can also take used old bag to the store or supermarket change new bag.
The Irish government is western country in first take environmental protection measures to restrict the use of plastic bags, national shopping bag for each plastic equivalent of tax levied, 13 cents to collect funds all newly established environmental protection fund environmental protection projects. Practice shows that this approach to curb the white pollution, very effective plunged 90%, plastic bags usage. At the same time, the tax for Ireland's environmental protection project have raised a considerable sum of money, national environmental consciousness and therefore improve. The move caused its neighbours Britain's environment minister of great interest, the British government is were interested to study shopping bag Irish collection of plastic environment tax policy.
Recently, the consumption of energy resources is the most powers America finally also took some measures. San Francisco in March this year passed a bill, not in the city banned plastic bags, this law will degrade in six months later effect. The act will not in San Francisco LiangYiGe reduce annual degradation plastic bag. The digital equivalent to approximately 45 million gallons of crude oil and 1,400 tons of trash. Need buried
In China, Beijing National People's Congress MaoZhengZheng suggest relevant departments to raise certain fund executes recycling, meanwhile to plastic bags of merchants selling collecting environmental taxes. He suggested that each sales a plastic bags, press price 200% heavily taxed.
In China's Yangtze river, the Yellow River and the birthplace of lancang river, famous source nature reserve in yushu Tibetan autonomous prefecture of qinghai province heartland state from the beginning of this year, all six county bags, believe that through a period of governance, "white pollution" will really far from sanjiang source.

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